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John Clark provides an on-site service to set up wired and wireless networks. Services include installing and configuring a broadband router (including email configuration on a networked computer) to larger networks incorporating switches, hubs and routers with file servers, computers and networked peripherals including video security cameras, printers and scanners - contact John Clark.

Computer network

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A computer network is a group of computers which allow information sharing, for example email, web browsing and data interchange including sharing data using Cloud services.

With the Internet and web browsing, most computers are connected to a network either with a wireless or wired connection through a broadband router or as part of a larger business network.

John Clark provides an on-site service to configure and set up network devices.

This can include configuring a broadband router including setting up a wireless facility with wireless security options and configuring email services etc. on the network. Up to four devices can also be wired to a broadband router using Ethernet cables. Small business networks can also be configured with a broadband connection, wired connections through a switch for computers and shared peripheral devices including printers, scanners, security video cameras and webcams. Services on the network including email and shared printers can also be configured to work across the network. Static IP numbers may also be required depending on the use of the network - usually your Internet Services Provider will only provide a dynamic IP address for your network.

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