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PC Repairs

John Clark can recommend suitable computing products and fix many problems relating to the physical components of a computing system such as hard disks, memory and computer screens.
John Clark can also recommend suitable computing programs, install, configure and fix problems relating to the operating systems and application programs - contact John Clark.

  • PC running slow? - remove unnecessary programs and check program settings
  • Spyware, Virus, Trojan, Worm, Rootkit removal
  • Internet connection - fault finding and repair
  • Network configuration problems
  • Replace faulty power supply on a desktop computer
  • Check hard disk and provide data recovery if possible and replacement
  • Check Random Access Memory (RAM) and replace or upgrade RAM
  • Laptop screen replacement
  • Laptop battery replacement
  • Laptop mains adaptor / charger replacement
  • Replace or upgrade DVD drive

Hardware is the term that is used to describe the physical components of a computing system. such as hard disks, motherboards, memory, screens, DVDs, printers, networking equipment etc.

Software describes the programs or application programs used to operate computers and related devices. Some software is available for free personal use but check if the licence covers business use.


There are many manufacturers and suppliers of hardware including:

- Acer
- Samsung
- Dell
- Hewlett Packard

- Apple Mac Repair Apple Mac Repair London

- Hewlett Packard
- Epson

- Netgear
- Belkin
- Linksys

- BT
- Plusnet

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The main program used on a computer is the Operating System - Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Android on Tablet PCs, Apple IOS (commercial products) and Linux (freeware).
Application programs such as a text editor, word processsor, file manager, web browser and email program may be included with the operating system.

Other categories of software (with some examples but many other similar programs are available) include:

Word processing, spreadsheet, presentation graphics, database

- Openoffice (freeware)
- Libreoffice (freeware)
- Microsoft Office (commercial)

Web browsing programs

- Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, 10, 9, 8 (included with Windows)
- Microsoft Edge (included with Windows 10)
- Mozilla Firefox (freeware)
- Google Chrome (freeware)

Security - Anti-virus, Anti-spyware

- Microsoft Defender, Microsoft Security Essentials (freeware), AVG free (freeware), Norton Internet Security (commercial)

For a comprehensive review of the best freeware in many categories, go to Gizmo's Tech Support Alert - and Windows Secrets -

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