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Web site construction

John Clark can provide help in planning and setting up a suitable web site - contact John Clark.

Most companies and small businesses have to consider setting up and maintaining a web site.  The business benefits of a web site include:

  • Increased market opportunities
  • Customer expectations
  • Reduced marketing costs
  • Perceived added value to business

Web sites fall into broad categories:

  • Brochure web site
  • Interactive web site with contact forms
  • Database driven web site with dynamic information
  • E-commerce web site with a shopping trolley and  on-line payment

The following steps need to be considered in setting up a web site:

  • Plan your web site
  • What will be the main purpose of your web site?
  • What features would you like to offer on your web site?
  • Choose an Internet Service Provider (host your web site)
  • Register a domain name (
  • Design a web page
  • Create web pages
  • E-Commerce (shopping trolley, payment on-line)
  • Go live - Publish your web site
  • Get registered with Search engines

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